About Us

  • We are a VOLUNTARY Organization in the true sense of the word.
  • We have not had a single paid employee since inception in 1989.
  • All of us meet our own out of pocket expenses on tours. Our wage and travel bills are “NIL”.
  • We receive donations voluntarily for our program because of our impeccable integrity.
  • We pass on the entire contribution of the donor to the beneficiary.
  • We furnish detailed account of utilization of their contributions to all donors individually.
  • Our administrative expenses are met from small amounts of interest on bank balances.
  • We select beneficiaries objectively leaving no scope for discretion.
  • We have developed systems and processes for effective implementation of our programs.
  • We have a Database of libraries in govt. schools and Donors. This data is available to all concerned.
  • Our Annual Reports showing Audited Accounts are on our website.
  • We are transparent, objective and unbiased in all our activities.

Contact: breadsociety@gmail.com