Field Studies

Library Schools

To assess the performance of BREAD Children’s Libraries, our Members visit schools in various districts on a regular basis. These reports reflect the factual situation as obtained at that time. Visits to schools help us to understand the problems involved in the implementation of the program.

Field visits to the libraries set up in 2009-10 and 2010-11 has resulted in observing that there was need to improve the performance of library schools. It was then decided to select schools for setting up libraries in an objective manner and arrived at the norm of selecting schools securing 6 or more National Means cum Merit Scholarships (NMMS) in a year. This has proved to be the correct decision as we are achieving far better success with our library program in NMMS schools.

Apart from the field visits by BREAD Society members, anyone can contact the library teacher or headmaster of any BREAD library school by making a telephone call and ascertain the position with regard to using the library facility by the students. Feedback reports are solicited as they will provide additional inputs to improve effectiveness of the program. Contact numbers and email ids of library schools have been mentioned in the district-wise list of libraries under “Reports”.

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Two field studies were conducted by BREAD Society to ascertain the economic backwardness of the families of the selected scholars. The first study was conducted in January/February 2004 and the second study was conducted three years later between January and March 2007.

ACE – Adopt a Child to Educate – Mattilo Manikyalu: A Report of the findings of the first field study was printed and circulated in 2004.

Scholars’ Homes: A Report of the findings of the second field study was printed and circulated in 2007.

Both the studies confirmed that the basis of selection of BREAD Scholars is on the right lines.

These studies have helped BREAD Society in receiving contributions from donors and sponsors in a big way as the transparency in the Society’s activities could be verified.

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